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For Immediate Release
August 24, 2006

WEEKEND EDITION January 18, 2003


  • The United Nations Security Council found Iraq in continuing material breach of its obligations and made clear this was Iraq's final opportunity to comply. We are very far from that point today.

  • The chemical warheads found by United Nations inspectors were not on the declared list of weapons submitted by Iraq just one month ago. The fact that Iraq is in possession of undeclared chemical warheads, which the UN says are in excellent condition, is troubling and serious.

  • Under the UN resolution, Saddam Hussein has an obligation to disarm. It is becoming increasingly clear that he is not doing so.

  • Time is running out on Iraq's chance to disarm peacefully. We know what a genuine effort to disarm looks like. We have seen it, for example, in South Africa's renunciation of nuclear arms and the dismantlement of its program.

  • What we are seeing from Iraq is not disarmament, but dissembling. The UN must not veer off the course unanimously agreed on November 8. Immediate action is required by Iraq or those who seek to uphold UN mandates will be forced to act.

  • The President is continuing to work and consult with our allies. The inspectors are doing their job, but it is not the inspectors' obligation to provide verifiable evidence of disarmament. That is Iraq's responsibility.

  • The use of military force is America's last option. Yet if force becomes necessary to secure our country and to keep the peace, America will act deliberately, America will act decisively, and America will prevail.
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