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For Immediate Release
June 11, 2003

Global Message


President Bush’s remarks in the Oval Office, 6/10/03


"As I look back over my first month here, I think we have come a long way in repairing some of the damage of the past. We now need to focus on building a brighter and better future for the Iraqi people."
--Ambassador Bremer, 6/10/03

Bremer announced two initiatives: a Business Support and Information Center, to be based in the Baghdad Convention Center, and a $100 million construction fund to help pay for Iraq's infrastructure.

The business center will:

The $100 million construction fund will:

"Repairing the damage inflicted by the last regime - material, human and psychological - is a huge task; a task in which we will only succeed if we have a real partnership between the coalition, the international community and the Iraqi people."
--Ambassador Bremer, 6/10/03


A (London) Guardian commentator acknowledges that U.S. soldiers did not stand by and watch the looting of the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad.

Refuting claims of the former director of the Iraqi National Museum, The Guardian points out that academics and intellectuals were quick to believe - and journalists jumped to report - claims that some 170,000 antiquities from the museum were looted during the war. Some even believed that American soldiers were involved.

"So, there's the picture: 100,000-plus priceless items looted either under the very noses of the Yanks, or by the Yanks themselves. And the only problem with it is that it's nonsense. It isn't true. It's made up," says The Guardian.

The correspondent concludes: "...these days, you cannot say anything too bad about the Yanks and not be believed."

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