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Excerpts from the Press Briefing by Ari Fleischer, May 14, 2003 (Full Transcript)

QUESTION: Ari, Presidential Envoy Jerry Bremer, has he issued orders to shoot looters on sight in Iraq? And if so, are these his orders, or do they come from the President? And if so, or either way, to whom are the orders given? Are they given to the civilian police there, or to the U.S. military? And if they're given to U.S. military, the question is who's in charge of the military on the ground over there, Bremer or still the U.S. --

MR. FLEISCHER: Ivan, the policing with the situation in Iraq, including Baghdad, is a matter for the forces that are on the ground, to use their discretion as they work together with the Iraqi police to enforce security. And Ambassador Bremer just completed a news conference earlier today where he was asked similar questions. His remarks were public and on the record. So take a look at that.

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