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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 8, 2003

Personnel Announcement

President George W. Bush today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals to serve as Members of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee for two-year terms:

Marc Benioff of California, will serve as Co-Chair
Edward D. Lazowska of Washington, will serve as Co-Chair
Ruzena Bajcsy of Pennsylvania
J. Carter Beese, Jr. of Maryland
Pedro Celis of Washington
Bernard Daines of Washington
Patricia Evans of Virginia
Manuel Fernandez of Florida
Luis Fiallo of Virginia
Jose Marie Griffiths of Pennsylvania
William J. Hannigan of Texas
Jonathan C. Javitt of Maryland
Judith L. Klavans of New York
F. Thomson Leighton of Massachusetts
Harold Mortazavian of California
Randy D. Mott of Texas
Peter M. Neupert of Washington
Eli M. Noam of New York
David A. Patterson of California
Alice G. Quintanilla of New Mexico
Daniel A. Reed of Illinois
Eugene H. Spafford of Indiana
David H. Staelin of Massachusetts
Peter S. Tippett of Virginia
Geoffrey Yang of California

The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) was established by Executive Order and is chartered by Congress under the High-Performance Computing Act of 1991 (P. L. 102-194) and the Next Generation Internet Act of 1998 (P. L. 105-305). PITAC will help guide the Administration's efforts to accelerate the development and adoption of information technologies vital for American prosperity in the 21st century.

The members of PITAC, who are leading IT experts from industry and academia, will provide the President with expert, independent advice on maintaining America's preeminence in advanced information technologies, including such important elements of the national IT infrastructure as high performance computing, large-scale networking, and high assurance software and systems design.


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