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Operation Iraqi Freedom

For Immediate Release
March 25, 2003

Statement of Support from Coalition

“The Muslim people of Afghanistan, who have suffered much hardship from dictatorial regimes of the last two decades, want the elimination of despotism by the liberated will of the people of Iraq... The emergence of a united and independent Iraq, based on the will of the people, will be helpful to peace and stability of the region and the world.”
-- Statement by the Government, March 20, 2003

“We give unreserved support to the efforts by the United States and we are proud to be alongside our allies in the fight for liberation of Iraqi people… and [Albania] is also proud to unconditionally offer our airspace, land and ports to the United States and other countries taking part in the coalition against Iraq.”
-- Albanian Prime Minister Nano, March 20, 2003

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    “The Government has decided to commit Australian forces to action to disarm Iraq because we believe it is right, it is lawful and it's in Australia's national interest. We are determined to join other countries to deprive Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction, its chemical and biological weapons, which even in minute quantities are capable of causing death and destruction on a mammoth scale.”
    -- Prime Minister Howard, March 20, 2003

    “Azerbaijan is an active participant in the US-led international anti-terror coalition in all its forms and manifestations... Azerbaijan supports the efforts of the international coalition aimed at the speediest resolution of the Iraqi crisis and calls for respect for the principles of international humanitarian law during the implementation of the military operation in Iraq... Azerbaijan is expressing its readiness to take part in the humanitarian rehabilitation in post-conflict Iraq..”
    -- Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, March 21, 2003

    “Iraq refused to disarm as wanted by the international community, and hence chose to face the ‘serious consequences’... The weapons of mass destruction that Iraq possesses are a threat to peace and security... The world community must counter this threat in a categorical manner.”
    -- Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, March 19, 2003

    “We are part of the coalition, along with countries such as the U.S., Spain, England... Many of these peoples, such as Colombians, have withstood terrorism and, like us, they know that this scourge -- terrorism -- must be made to end so that we can live peacefully... Fellow countrymen: To request solidarity, we have to express solidarity.”
    -- President Uribe, March 20, 2003

    Costa Rica
    “We are loyal allies of loyal friends."
    -- President Abel Pacheco, March 21, 2003

    Czech Republic
    “The Government of the Czech Republic states with regret that the Iraqi leadership has for so long been failing to meet its obligations... The Government of the Czech Republic views the operation of coalition forces as the last usable means leading to the fulfillment of the relevant UN resolutions... The Government of the Czech Republic reaffirms in this situation that the Czech Army NBCR battalion, deployed as part of the Enduring Freedom operation, is ready to take part in emergency and humanitarian activities in case WMD are used or are suspected to be used against civilian populations or coalition forces, as well as to deal with consequences of possible disasters in the area of its deployment."
    -- Statement by the Government of the Czech Republic, March 20, 2003

    “If on every occasion we allow a ruthless dictator to go free, because we do not like war, we risk paying a very high price... That is why we must move into action. We cannot simply stand by and watch as a ruthless dictator seriously and persistently violates UN decisions."
    -- Prime Minister Rasmussen, March 21, 2003

    Dominican Republic
    “The Dominican Government is standing beside the people and the Government of the United States in the present situation of war with Iraq... No one wants war, no one anywhere in the world wants war, especially not in the United States, but within the framework of the policy of being a good neighbor, our closest friends are, precisely, the Government and people of the United States.”
    -- Government Spokesman Gonzalez Fabra, March 20, 2003

    El Salvador
    “The Government of El Salvador laments that the negative and dilatory attitude of Saddam Hussein has brought war to the people of Iraq... In this regard, the Government of El Salvador continues to provide its political and diplomatic support to the coalition headed by the United States and Great Britain as well as its commitment to provided specialized forces for work in postwar Iraq.”
    -- Statement by the Government of El Salvador, March 19, 2003

    “El Salvador is giving diplomatic support (to the United States) and also is willing to give support in a post-conflict phase, when a possible war is over, in reconstruction or de-mining tasks at which we already have experience."
    -- Foreign Ministry Communications Director Cesar Martinez, March 19, 2003

    “The decision taken by the Bush Administration to complete an unfinished job is very much welcome... The task is indeed one of completing an unfinished job for the sake of the stability and security of the Middle East and the permanent removal of a serious threat without losing another opportunity. In this vein, Eritrea continues to maintain that the necessary measures must be taken without equivocation.”
    -- Statement by the Government of Eritrea, March 12, 2003

    "We understand the need for disarming Iraq. The world needs to be convinced that there are no
    weapons of mass destruction on Iraqi territory. This is important for world security. It is deeply regrettable that Iraq did not make use of the opportunity, which existed, to solve the problem peacefully... Estonia is ready, based upon the needs of the situation and its own capabilities, to help regulate the post-conflict situation and participate in the reconstruction of Iraq."
    -- Statement by the Government of Estonia, March 20, 2003

    “Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. As long as such a regime exists, the world cannot live in peace.”
    -- President Eduard Shevardnadze, March 20, 2003

    “Georgia, which is now a member of the international coalition for Iraq's disarmament, is ready to not only provide political support for the U.S., but also to provide its military infrastructure to U.S. troops."
    -- Georgian Government Representative Shalva Pichkhadze, March 20, 2003

    [The Government of Honduras] “supports the Government of the United States of America's war against terrorism and calls on the Government of Iraq, in order to avoid further suffering by the Iraqi people, to accept the demands proposed by the United States of America.”
    -- President Maduro, March 18, 2003

    “I am confident that peace will soon be reinstated in Iraq, the weapons of mass destruction will be destroyed and on the basis of this we shall be able to live in a more peaceful and tranquil world in future. I would also like to add that Hungary would be pleased to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq.”
    -- Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy, March 20, 2003

    “The United States now considers its security to be gravely endangered by the actions and attacks of terrorists and because of various threats from countries governed by dictators and tyrants. It believes that support from this small country makes a difference... The declaration issued by the Icelandic Government on the Iraq dispute says that we intend to maintain the close cooperation we have had with our powerful ally in the West.

    First of all, this involves flyover authorization for the Icelandic air control area. Secondly, the use of Keflavik Airport, if necessary. In third place, we will take part in the reconstruction of Iraq after the war ends. Fourthly, we expressed political support for Resolution 1441 being enforced after four months of delays."
    -- Prime Minister Oddsson, March 18, 2003

    “The game is in play between those who historically have been committed to the liberty of men and those who have transformed their country into a chamber of torture.”
    -- Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, March 19, 2003

    “From the time of the terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001, until last year's UN Resolution 1441, there has been a strong consciousness of the threat of weapons of mass destruction, not only against the American people, but also against the rest of the world, including the Japanese people. How to rid the world of such weapons of mass destruction is now a major challenge for the international community and will continue to be in the future. President Bush has said that the U.S. is seeking to disarm Iraq and to liberate the Iraqi people. I agree with that strategy. Japan, too, supports the policy course of President Bush.”
    -- Prime Minister Koizumi, March 20, 2003

    “The Parliament of the Republic of Latvia has taken the decision ‘On the Support of the Implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution Nr 1441’ pledging support to and readiness to join the efforts of the international coalition aiming at disarmament of Iraq. We support the military forces of our coalition partners who, in risking their lives, are averting threats to peace and international security.”
    -- Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, March 20, 2003

    "Lithuania's possible contribution to the settlement of the Iraq crisis will be not military but humanitarian participation, aimed at dealing with adverse consequences, by sending doctors, servicing staff and other specialists, as well as by participating in international programs aimed at helping the Iraqi people, including food aid."
    -- President Rolandas Paksas, Letter to President George Bush, March 19, 2003

    “As a peace-loving member of the community of democratic nations, Macedonia did not want this war, but the regime of Hussein, despite the commitment of the international community did not leave any option but to be disarmed by force... I would like to take this opportunity to express the support of Macedonia, to the troops of the United States, the United Kingdom and other coalition forces who have put themselves in harm in order to accomplish the crucial task of disarming the regime of Saddam Hussein and bringing democracy to the long-oppressed people of Iraq.”
    -- President Trajkovski, March 20, 2003

    “The Iraqi regime has been highly reluctant to implement the successive resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and unable to prove to the international community that it has fully destroyed its weapons of mass destruction. Thus it failed to fully meet its obligations vis-a-vis the United Nations. This is where, as we see it, lies the main reason for the emergence of the crisis situation in the region.”
    -- Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, March 18, 2003

    “Peace is vulnerable. That is shown when a regime chooses for years the path of threat and terror. The international community must then patiently abide by international agreements and thus try to dispel the threat. That patience can be very great but not endless. Because then the basis of law and peace is itself jeopardized. Saddam Hussein is a great danger to law and peace. Virtually all the countries in the world are in agreement on that... he takes no notice of the agreements which the international community has made time after time with him... Hence the Netherlands gives political support to the action against Saddam Hussein which has been started... The action is now getting under way. But, hopefully, a time will very quickly come when the weapons will fall silent. Then we will have to do everything in our power to help the people in Iraq with their country's reconstruction.”
    -- Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, March 20, 2003

    “The position of our ambassador to the UN has been clearly in support of Security Council Resolution 1441, which calls for disarming the Iraqi regime, even through the use of force, as the resolution clearly states. Peace and the peaceful coexistence of the free peoples of the world are now threatened by the widespread global scourge of terrorism. That is why Nicaragua has been a firm ally of the United States in its fight against terrorism... we cannot ignore threats from those who, sheltered by military dictatorships and the oppression of their peoples, jeopardize international security and world peace.”
    -- President Bolaños, March 20, 2003

    “My government understands your decision to grant to the Iraqi people the chance to enjoy democracy, peace and respect for human rights.”
    -- President Moscoso, March 17, 2003

    “The Philippines is part of the coalition of the willing... We are giving political and moral support for actions to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. We are part of a long-standing security alliance. We are part of the global coalition against terrorism.”
    -- President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, March 19, 2003

    “We share deeply the values being fought for over Iraq, no less than the values of freedom and civilization... We reject the notion that the Philippines should sit on the fence and do nothing in the face of the crisis in Iraq.”
    -- Foreign Secretary Ople, March 18, 2003

    “We are ready to use a Polish contingent in the international coalition to contribute to making Iraq comply with the U.N. resolutions... It’s clear that the problem of existing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is a fact.”
    -- President Kwasniewski, March 17, 2003

    “The responsibility falls exclusively on the Iraqi regime and its obstinacy in not complying with the resolutions of the United Nations for the last 12 years... On this difficult hour, Portugal reaffirms its support to his Allies, with whom it shares the values of Liberty and Democracy, and hopes that this operation will be as short as possible and that it will accomplish all its objectives.”
    -- Prime Minister José Manuel Durão Barroso, March 20, 2003

    “We have already made a decision. The decision made by us is valid, it is in effect, we have responded to a demand coming from the United States and this does not mean that we get involved in a military conflict but the assistance which we grant to our allies.”
    -- President Ion Iliescu, March 19, 2003

    “Romania has interests and responsibilities in Iraq. We intend to bring our contribution to providing human assistance and to the reconstruction process in this country, including the reconstruction of the Iraqi society, economy and democracy.”
    -- Prime Minister Nastase, March 17, 2003

    “They should act when they are right to act because the Security Council can be wrong. It was wrong in Rwanda... You might avoid war and have a worse situation... That is why I was giving a comparison with our case. People avoided a war or doing very much and it ended up with a genocide.”
    -- President Paul Kagame, March 8, 2003

    “Singapore is a member of the ‘coalition for the immediate disarmament of Iraq’... Singapore has a memorandum of understanding with the US which was signed in 1990 whereby we allow US aircraft to over fly Singapore and we allow US military assets, ships and aircraft to call at Singapore... It is a matter of grave concern that the Iraqi people do not suffer, and if any measures can be taken to alleviate their suffering, Singapore will do its part.”
    -- Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan

    “In Iraq today one has to prevent further threats for mankind, to ensure more hope for peace and to terminate the death cult at the stage when it can still be stopped.... Thus our government has been standing side by side with the United States.”
    -- Prime Minister Dzurinda, March 20, 2003

    South Korea
    “Just a short while ago, I called a meeting of the National Security Council and reaffirmed the position of our Government to support the measure taken by the international community, including the United States. At a time when diplomatic efforts have failed to resolve the Iraqi problem peacefully, I believe that the action is inevitable to quickly remove weapons of mass destruction. Koreans tend to join forces when things get tough. The challenges lying before us may be tough, but we have ample potential to tackle them.”
    -- President Roh, March 20, 2003

    “Right up until the end, the Iraqi regime defied international law by ignoring its obligations to disarm... it threw away its last chance... With a full sense of our responsibilities, the government of this nation supports the re-establishment of international law so that conditions for peace and security prevail.”
    -- President Jose Maria Aznar, March 20, 2003

    “You should know that the fact that we opened Turkey's airspace to US... is aimed at protecting our state's relations with its allies, adopting measures to ensure our security against possible developments, bringing about a speedy end to the war, instituting postwar peace, protecting Iraq's integrity, and averting acts of provocation that will affect the entire region as well as our country.”
    -- Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, March 21, 2003

    "The cabinet sitting under the chairmanship of HE Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, on 21 March 2003, decided to support the US-led coalition to disarm Iraq by force. The cabinet also decided that if need arises, Uganda will assist in any way possible."
    -- Minister of Foreign Affairs James Wapakhabulo, March 24, 2003

    United Kingdom
    "If the only means of achieving the disarmament of Iraq of weapons of mass destruction is the removal of the regime, then the removal of the regime has to be our objective. It is important that we realize that we have come to this position because we have given every opportunity for Saddam voluntarily to disarm, that the will - not just of this country but of the United Nations - now has to be upheld."
    -- Prime Minister Tony Blair, March 20, 2003

    United States
    “We come to Iraq with respect for its citizens, for their great civilization and for the religious faiths they practice. We have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat and restore control of that country to its own people.”
    -- President George Bush, March 19, 2003

    "We unambiguously support the position of the United States to resolve the Iraqi problem... If this genie is let out of the bottle, it won't be possible to put it back. It's necessary to take the most coordinated measures to make sure that the genie isn't out of the bottle....The global community has no right to play with this situation for the sake of its future. I believe the U.S. has grounds for the stance it has assumed, and therefore radical measures need to be taken."
    -- President Islam Karimov, March 7, 2003

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