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Denial and Deception

For Immediate Release
March 14, 2003

Global Message 3/14/03

Last November, the UNSC voted unanimously on resolution 1441, offering Iraq a final chance to make the strategic decision to disarm. Our hope was that by maintaining international unity and diplomatic pressure on the Iraqi regime, we would achieve peaceful disarmament.

Sadly, that unity has been broken and peaceful disarmament looks less and less likely.

Sixteen weeks after the passage of 1441 - and 12 years after the end of the Gulf War - the Iraqi regime has not complied and has not cooperated "immediately, unconditionally, and actively," as required by 1441.

Saddam Hussein has gotten the message that he can succeed at the dangerous games he's always played.

The world faces many challenges today, and we need a strong UN Security Council - one whose words have meaning, and that has the will to enforce its own resolutions.

The world has a responsibility to address the gravest threat of our time - the nexus between rogue regimes, WMD and global terrorism - and President Bush is determined to do so, with or without the United Nations.

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