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Denial and Deception

For Immediate Release
March 11, 2003

Global Message

Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix filed a document with the UN detailing 29 "clusters" of unresolved disarmament issues, covering chemical and biological weapons and the means to deliver them, including:

Undeclared UAV: Blix revealed the recent discovery of an undeclared Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Lists of WMD Personnel: According to Blix's report, "Iraq lists less than 132 'experts, specialists, and technicians' having worked in the entire chemical weapons program. UNMOVIC databases, on the other hand, indicate that over 325 individuals were engaged in chemical weapons related research or had responsible positions associated with agent production at [one facility] alone."

Anthrax: Blix's report states "UNMOVIC has credible information that the total quantity of BW agent in bombs, warheads, and in bulk at the time of the Gulf War was 7,000 liters more than declared by Iraq. This additional agent was most likely all anthrax. Based on all the available evidence the strong presumption is that about 10,000 liters of anthrax was not destroyed and may still exist."

16 weeks after the passage of 1441, the Iraqi regime has not complied and has not cooperated "immediately, unconditionally, and actively," as required by UN Resolution 1441. Iraq's recent gestures are nothing more than attempts to game the inspectors, split the international community, and sap its resolve.

Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of terror, and provides funding, training, and safe haven to terrorists who would willingly use weapons of mass destruction. If the world fails to confront the threat posed by the Iraqi regime, free nations would assume immense and unacceptable risks.

Saddam has had 12 years to disarm. The diplomatic window is closing. Security Council members must stand and be counted, and sometime this week we will call for a vote on the resolution. We are hopeful the members of the Security Council will live up to their obligations and vote to affirm and enforce UN Resolution 1441.

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