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For Immediate Release
February 25, 2003

Press Briefing Excerpt by Ari Fleischer 02/25/03

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"One final item, and then I'll be happy to take your questions. I want to draw your attention to a letter that has gone up to the Hill today from Judge Alberto Gonzales concerning the Senate's failure to move forward on the nomination of Miguel Estrada.

One of the issues that a minority of Democrats have claimed is that they don't know enough about Miguel Estrada, and so Judge Gonzales has put in writing today a reiteration of the offer that Mr. Estrada remains available to meet with each and every single Democratic senator to answer appropriate questions that they may have about his nominations.

Many Democrats have not availed themselves of the opportunity that has already been offered to meet with Mr. Estrada. And so this offer has been made once again. "

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