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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 14, 2003

President Bush Releases National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

National Strategy
for Combating Terrorism

Introduction (PDF - 53k)
The Nature of the Terrorist Threat Today (PDF - 136k)
Strategic Intent (PDF - 136k)
Goals and Objectives (PDF - 152k)
Conclusion (PDF - 48k)

Entire Book (PDF - 280k)

National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

Today I am pleased to issue the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism. This strategy outlines the effort our nation is making to win the war against global terror.

The strategy complements important elements of the National Security Strategy, as well as our National Strategies for: Homeland Security, to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction, to Secure Cyberspace, for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets, and the National Drug Control Strategy.

Together these efforts establish critical goals for strengthening America's security against the threats of the 21st century.

The United States' strategy for combating terrorism focuses on taking the fight to the terrorists themselves. We are using all elements of our national power and international influence to attack terror networks; reduce their ability to communicate and coordinate their plans; isolate them from potential allies and from each other; and identify and disrupt their plots before they attack.

Our country works closely with every nation committed to this fight, and we will continue to help our allies and friends improve their ability to fight terror.

The war against global terror will be hard and long. Today, terror cells exist on nearly every continent and in dozens of countries, including our own.

Victory will depend on the courage, strength, and fortitude of America's people and our partners around the world. It will be measured through the steady, patient work of dismantling terror networks and bringing terrorists to justice, oftentimes one by one.

Our Nation is unalterably committed to protecting our citizens, routing terror wherever it exists, and building a safer, better world of greater opportunity and freedom for all peoples. We will not rest until we succeed.

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