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For Immediate Release
Office of the First Lady
January 8, 2003

Mrs. Bush's Remarks at Anniversary of the Signing of the No Child Left Behind Act
As Delivered
The East Room

Thank you. And thank you, Secretary Paige and Senator Gregg for being here today and for your leadership in inspiring reform in education through the No Child Left Behind Act.

One year ago, when the President signed this historic legislation, he embarked on a mission with our leaders in Congress - a mission to ensure that every child in America receives an excellent education. Today, our students, teachers, parents and communities are embracing this new standard with unwavering determination. The No Child Left Behind Act provides our schools with unprecedented reform and resources. Across America, students and schools are providing results and the reassurance that standards and accountability work.

As I travel across the country, I see the promise of reform in America's schools. I see children excited and ready to learn; teachers who are committed to success; and principals who refuse to accept failure. We are honored to have several of these very principals here today. Thank you for believing in the power of reform - and for believing in our children.

Our children need our continued support. Today, we have more students in school than ever before - more children who want the American dream and who undeniably deserve it. To meet this challenge, in the coming years we will need more people to answer the call to teach. We know that our children's future depends on their education. And the quality of their education depends on our teachers. Strong schools and quality teachers are the President's priorities and I am proud to be part of the President's work to achieve these priorities.

Our mission to reform education is far from over. We face many challenges. But already, we have made great strides. And our resolve remains strong. Together, we will bring the promise of an excellent education to every child in America - and no child will be left behind. Ladies and Gentlemen, the man who will make sure we accomplish this, my husband,

President George W. Bush.


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