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For Immediate Release
November 8, 2002

Global Message


  • This is an important week for America and for the world. The United Nations will vote today on a resolution bringing the civilized world together to disarm Saddam Hussein.

  • The United Nations can today fulfill its responsibilities to make sure that 11 years of defiance do not go unanswered. The UN resolution is a statement of intent to disarm Saddam Hussein once and for all.

  • Saddam Hussein is a threat to his country, to people in his region, and to the world. For the sake of peace, America has an obligation to lead. If Saddam won't disarm, we will lead an international coalition to disarm him.

  • War is not the first choice but the last. Nevertheless, it is an option in order to make the world a more peaceful place. It's up to Saddam Hussein, however, to make that choice.

  • America has never sought to conquer, but to liberate. The Iraqi people can have a better life than they have now. There are alternatives to a dictator willing to rape and mutilate and murder in order to stay in power.
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