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For Immediate Release
November 1, 2002

Global Message


  • The President looks forward to a new UN Security Council resolution that pressures the Iraqi regime to respond to the requirements of the international community and makes clear there will be consequences from non-compliance.

  • Every nation that shares in the benefits of peace also shares in the duty of defending peace. The time has come once again for the UN to live up to the purposes of its founding to protect our common security.

  • The purpose of the resolution is to provide the tools, equipment, and means necessary for the inspectors to carry out the will of the Security Council.

  • The President has urged the UN Security Council to act now to enforce its own resolutions. This is the United Nations' chance to make certain that Saddam Hussein disarms so that peace can be protected.

  • America has never sought to dominate or conquer, but to liberate. Our desire is to help Iraqi citizens find the blessings of liberty within their own culture and their own traditions.
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