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For Immediate Release
September 25, 2002

Excerpt from the President's Remarks at an Annual Dinner

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"And for a stronger America, we need good judges. We need people who will not write the law from the benches, but people who strictly interpret the Constitution. I have been appalled at what has taken place in the United States Senate recently. I named two good judges, one from Mississippi and one from my home state of Texas -- Charles Pickering, Pricilla Owen. Their records were distorted. I don't think they were given a fair hearing. Special interests got a hold of the committee. It is not right that these two fine, fine people were denied the bench.

"Soon the Senate will take up the nomination of Miguel Estrada. Miguel Estrada is an excellent lawyer. He's a fine man. He's an American success story. The Senate should not play politics with this nomination, for he will be an outstanding judge. One of the reasons to change the United States Senate is to make sure the good judges I nominate get a fair hearing, a swift vote, and approval."

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