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For Immediate Release
September 20, 2002

Global Message

  • The President is resolved in confronting the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's regime and is asking Congress to support his firm stand.

  • Meanwhile, the UN Security Council must act to enforce its own resolutions. The UN's credibility is at stake as it responds to the President's call for international action to achieve Iraqi disarmament.

  • While asking for UN action, the President is underscoring that this country will do what is necessary, with our friends, to defend US and coalition security interests.

  • Saddam Hussein repeatedly violates 16 UNSC resolutions designed to constrain Iraq's ability to threaten international peace and security.

  • There is nothing to negotiate with Iraq. Saddam's regime must be held accountable for not conforming to the resolutions Iraq agreed to.

  • The President strongly condemns terror and violence in the Middle East, and extended condolences to the families of victims of Thursday's violence.
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