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For Immediate Release
August 23, 2002

Excerpt from the President's Remarks on Education with Hispanic Leaders

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"And, you know, I've got a shining example right there in Washington I want to share a story with you , because we've got a little problem up there with this particular fellow. His name is Miguel Estrada. He's a young guy. He came to our country as a teenager. He barely spoke English. He had trouble with the language, because he didn't spend any time learning the language. And he got here, and he worked hard, and as a result of a good brain, brilliant mind, he now has argued 15 cases before the United States Supreme Court..

"I've named him to a high bench, but the Senate won't give him a hearing. Here's a kid who comes to our country, works hard, learns the language. He's a brilliant jurist. He can't even get a hearing. I nominated him over a year and a half ago. I want this man to serve as a bright example of what is possible in America. He'll be a great judge, and the Senate needs to act."

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