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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 10, 2002

President's Radio Address

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THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. On Tuesday, I will host an economic forum at Baylor University, in Texas, to meet with people on the front lines of the American economy. Small business owners, working people, investors, corporate leaders, economists, farmers and government policy makers are coming together to discuss where our economy stands, the impact of the policies we have put in place, and the steps we are taking as we move forward.

After a recession that was beginning as I took office, the terrorist attacks of September the 11th and the corporate scandals that have recently come to light, the American economy faces challenges. Yet, the great strengths of America are more than equal to its challenges. American workers are productive, American entrepreneurs are visionary, and we are acting to reach the full potential of our economy.

These efforts began last year with a tax cut that boosted our economy at just the right time, and continues to put more money into the hands of consumers. I have just signed into law Trade Promotion Authority, which I will use to open foreign markets to American goods, creating high paying jobs at home. I worked with Congress to enact new laws designed to keep corporate executives and auditors honest, and to punish those who are not. And we are actively investigating, arresting and prosecuting corporate wrongdoers.

And this week, hundreds of companies will submit signed statements to the SEC, either verifying that their financial records are accurate, or letting investors know if there are any problems.

Yet, there is more we must do: more to promote long-term growth and create jobs in our economy; more to enforce budget discipline in Congress, so we can focus on urgent priorities like the war on terror; more to guarantee pension security and improve access to affordable health care; more to educate every child for economic and personal success.

At next week's economic forum, we will discuss all these topics. Economists will provide their latest ideas and analysis of the economic recovery. But I'm also eager to hear from Americans from all walks of life, who are working hard to make ends meet during these uncertain economic times. And I expect I will get a wide variety of suggestions on strengthening the economy.

Let me tell you about some of the Americans participating in this forum. Xavier Teixido, a restaurant owner from Delaware, he immigrated to this country from Paraguay when he was two years old, and worked his way up in the restaurant business. He was recently elected Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant Association.

Maria Sobrino is another entrepreneur who will attend the forum. In 1982, she brought her mother's traditional Mexican desserts to the U.S. market. Twenty years later, she owns a successful food production company in Southern California.

Mr. Teixido and Mrs. Sobrino will tell us about the obstacles small business owners face, and offer opinions about how the federal government can help small businesses thrive and create more jobs.

Robert Landon and Jimmie Morgan will also join us at the forum. Robert is a driver for UPS down in Waco, and a member of the Teamsters. Jimmie works for Boeing in Wichita, Kansas, and he has held a number of jobs in the company, from factory worker to management. Robert and Jimmie know that more trade means more jobs, and they want to be sure our nation continues to open foreign markets to American goods.

With the help of Xavier Teixido, Maria Sobrino, Robert Landon, Jimmie Morgan and other participants, the economic forum will generate ideas to strengthen our economy, and make workers and investors more secure. I look forward to participating in the discussions and sharing our findings with the American people.

Thank you for listening.


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