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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 10, 2002

President Bush Thanks Homeland Security Workers
Federal Employees and the New Department of Homeland Security

President's Remarks

The President believes that Federal employees are critical to the success of our mission to combat terrorism. Yet, at present, the Federal Government is not as well organized as it should be to defend America from this threat.

President Bush has proposed the most significant reorganization of government since 1947. Responsibility for homeland security is currently dispersed among more than one hundred different government organizations. The President's proposal would create a single Cabinet-level department whose primary mission is to protect our homeland.

Background on How the New Department Affects Federal Employees

The President's bill creates a broad framework that allows the new Department to retain the best aspects of the government's existing personnel systems and builds on them.

Efficiencies and Managerial Flexibility in the New Department

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