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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 13, 2002

President Discusses Importance of Service with Corporate Leaders
Remarks by the President in Photo Opportunity with Corporate Leaders
The Roosevelt Room

11:17 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all for coming. And I want to thank the -- some of our country's great corporate leaders for joining us in helping to save people's lives.

These leaders create value for their company, but they're also willing to work to create values in America. And for that, the country is better off.

You know, there's been a lot of talk about corporate responsibility here in America, and there needs to be. People who run their businesses need to do so in a way that treats their employees with respect, and treats the communities in which they live with respect, as well. And that's precisely what is happening as -- with these companies. These leaders understand that there is more to just a balance sheet. They understand that value comes from encouraging their employees to make a difference in somebody's lives.

It's my honor to herald some of the -- some of the really true leaders in our country, and I want to thank them for coming. I want to thank you all for your vision. I want to thank you for agreeing to work to expand the circle of corporate America that's willing to commit itself to improving our nation so that pockets of despair become places of light and hope.

Steve Case is going to say a few comments, and Michael.

* * * * *

Q A few business related questions, sir? Sir, could we get a business related question in this morning?

THE PRESIDENT: I'll see you this afternoon.

END 11:22 A.M. EDT

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