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For Immediate Release
Office of Media Affairs
June 7, 2002

Fact Sheet: Economic Growth & The President's Tax Relief - One Year Later

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the tax relief that President Bush promised the American people and delivered in full -- the largest tax reduction in a generation.

One year after President Bush signed the tax cut into law, the economy is growing, consumer spending is up and America is on the path to economic recovery. The tax cut provided a much needed boost to our economy at just the right time by giving Americans more of their own money to spend, boosting investment and creating jobs. The economy is much stronger one year after the tax cut but there is still more work to be done to ensure long-term growth, a job for every American worker and a return to budget surpluses. And, to keep us on the path to long term recovery, Congress should make the tax cuts permanent; give the President Trade Promotion Authority, a comprehensive energy bill and a terrorism bill; and hold spending down.

Jobs and Economic Growth
Tax Relief Came At Just the Right Time.

The Tax Cuts Put The Economy On The Path to Recovery.

Theres Still More To Be Done To Create Jobs And Ensure Long-term Growth.

The War and Recession -- Not the Tax Cuts -- Drained the Budget Surplus

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