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For Immediate Release
Office of the First lady
May 29, 2002

Mrs. Bush's Remarks for Utopia Rescue Ranch Fund-Raiser

Thank you very much the readings and the music were fantastic, weren't they?

What a turnout - Congressman Lamar Smith, Liz Carpenter; former colleagues from Dawson Elementary School; and Kerrville's favorite sheriff and now judge - Frances Kaiser.

People have come from all over Texas - and from halfway across the world, in fact, to be here today. Welcome to the distinguished group from Vietnam, who are hosted by Kinky's sister Marcie.

Marcie, I hope you explained that they shouldn't judge the whole country by what they see and hear today.

My friends were skeptical when they heard that I was going to join this celebration. They keep hearing about "Kinky this" and "Kinky that" -- Kinky music, Kinky parties, Kinky books -- and they thought it was a bad idea to do anything Kinky.

Especially in public.

But Kinky paid a visit to the White House last December and I wanted to return the kindness, especially for this great cause.

Since this is a day about animals, I've brought along a few pictures to show you today.

These are our dogs, Spot and Barney.

Spot, left, and Barney under portico.

They often travel with us.

But Barney had to stay home today.

Like any pet owner, I worry about the dogs when I travel without them. I've heard that some dogs will wait at the window or door for their owners to return.

So I make sure they have enough treats to keep them happily occupied.

...and that someone is around to give them plenty of fresh air and sunshine..

When I'm not around, I know the dogs are in good hands.

They're generally well-behaved dogs.

When the President and I are home together, the dogs are always nearby.

We take turns exercising them on the South Lawn.

Barney, L, and Spotty, in limo.

Barney backlit, solo, in Dip Room

Spot on mat outside Oval Office

Barney at window with bone on ground

Spotty and the President outside the Oval Office

President pointing at the Limo; Spotty with her head down

President Chasing after Barney

President just missing Barney running by

President and Mrs. Bush on putting green with Spot, Barney.

Mrs. Bush on lawn with dogs

Like all dogs, sometimes they need discipline. The President and I make sure we agree in our disciplining.we don't want to send mixed signals, where one scolds and the other praises.

Despite our unified front, though, sometimes it's hard to know whether they're coming.

or going.

Here they are in the Oval Office.

The President has an open-door policy when it comes to the dogs.

He's always available to them.

Unless, of course, he has more pressing business.

Spotty's hobbies include tennis.

Barney, Mrs. Bush, and The President pointing down.

Mrs. Bush and the President pointing right; dogs not obeying.

Spot and Barney standing on the Seal in the Oval Office

Barney in front of Ashley's desk with stuffed panda

Barney walking into the Oval office

Logan herding Barney out of Oval Office

Spotty with a tennis ball in her mouth

jogging with the President.


and long walks in the rain.

Barney prefers soccer.

and he loves basketball.

Here he is warming up for a game with a staffer in Crawford.

No need to tell you who won this match.

Look out, Michael Jordon.

President, in running gear on track, gestures to Spot

Spot swimming in fish pond

Spot walking across tarmac in the rain

President Bush, R, about to kick soccer ball to Barney

Barney resting head (mouth open) on basketball

Barney with two front paws on basketball

Barney with ball on tip of nose; staffer on right

Barney off the ground; looking like he's shooting the ball

Barney also loves to fish with the President when we're in Crawford.

Here's the President showing Barney where all the fish are.

and here's Barney showing the President where all the fish are.

When it comes to the media, Barney doesn't mind taking the microphone.

Spotty, on the other hand, has her own opinion about the Fourth Estate.

President Bush and I love that the dogs are a part of our every day lives, and it's nice to have them at work with us.

Now that our daughters are in college, they are a great diversion.

They give us a sense of purpose.

and they give us a sense of peace.

Thank you all very much, and thank you for supporting this great cause.

# # #

President holding fishing pole, Barney looking up at him.

President pointing to left, in fish tank

Barney in water, fish in his mouth

Barney with caterpillar mic in his mouth

Spotty making a funny face

Barney with Mrs. Bush and group on East Lawn

Spot, The President, A. Card

Mrs. Bush, the President, Barney in Rose Garden

Mrs. Bush, President (arm around Mrs. Bush), and dogs, on South Lawn


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