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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 23, 2002

President Calls on Congress to Quickly Resolve Differences on Trade Bill
Statement by the President

Today's passage by the Senate of a vital package of trade legislation is a critical step in advancing Americas trade agenda and strengthening the U.S. economy. As I begin my trip here in Europe, the passage of this bill sends an important signal to our trading partners that we are committed to free and open trade.

Restoring Trade Promotion Authority will give me the flexibility I need to secure the greatest possible trade opportunities for American workers, consumers, families, and farmers. The Administration also supports expanding the Andean Trade Preferences Act in a way that reflects the economic realities of the region. ATPA will help the Andean economies grow through legitimate trade, while also enhancing our counter-narcotics strategy.

Every day the United States goes without Trade Promotion Authority is another day the American people are deprived of the benefits of trade. Therefore, I urge the House and Senate to convene a conference committee immediately so they can resolve their differences and send me a Trade Promotion Authority bill I can sign at the earliest opportunity.


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