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President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
April 12, 2002

President and Mrs. Bush Release 2001 Tax Return

President and Mrs. George W. Bush reported taxable income of $711,453 for the tax year 2001. This resulted in a total of $250,221 in federal income taxes paid by President and Mrs. Bush.

The President's 2001 income included: salary as president; state salary earned as Governor in 2000, but paid in 2001; investment income from the state and federal blind trusts in which their assets are held; and losses related to the disposition of ownership in the GWB Rangers Corporation.

President and Mrs. Bush contributed $82,700 to churches and charitable organizations, including Tarrytown United Methodist Church, Evergreen Chapel (Camp David Church), Southern Methodist University, September 11th-related funds, and a variety of other charities.


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