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Communicating Success

Communicating success is a key element of sustaining momentum. It is important to share your success with the residents of your community as well as with your state and federal partners. By sharing ideas and practices that work in one community, similar actions can be embraced by other communities and can inspire further creativity.

Developing a strong Citizen Corps Council will require significant proactive communication with residents of your community. Identifying creative ways to get the message out about opportunities available through Citizen Corps, as well as calling your citizens to action and communicating success, will require an ongoing communications strategy that can include media coverage, events, and presentations.

You may want to consider forming a communications committee within your council that includes local media representatives, public relations and marketing executives, and talented spokespersons who will help you to effectively recruit and educate the members of your community.

The communications committee may want to consider:

You may also want to create a recognition committee to provide support and recognition to Citizen Corps volunteers. Your local volunteer center can assist you with ideas for appropriate public recognition.

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