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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 29, 2002

President's Statement on Klamath River Basin
Statement by the President

I am pleased with the progress being made by the Klamath River Basin Federal Working Group in addressing the problems facing the people of this region.

Under the leadership of Secretary Norton, the working group is providing water to farmers who depend on it for a living, while taking careful steps to protect and enhance the health of fish populations in the Klamath River Basin. The working group is undertaking new environmental restoration projects in the area, and has initiated a dialogue with native tribes about long-term solutions to the natural resource and native rights issues in the basin.

The times are still difficult for many in the region and much work remains to be done. It is essential that the citizens of Oregon and California in the Klamath River Basin - whether farmer, rancher, tribe member, fisherman or environmental activist - embrace compromise and seek understanding.

The working group's rapid progress, combined with the efforts of Senator Gordon Smith and Representative Greg Walden, give me great hope for a lasting solution to the challenges of the Klamath River Basin.


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