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For Immediate Release
March 15, 2002

President Bush to Recognize Chicagoan for Her Dedication to Service

On his arrival in Chicago, Illinois, tomorrow, President George W. Bush will meet with Jeanette Vasek, a longtime volunteer in the Chicago Heights community who has responded to his call to service by volunteering with the Chicago Heights Police Department. President Bush will recognize Vasek as an example of the lifetime commitment to service he is hoping to instill in all Americans. In his State of the Union address, President Bush called on all Americans to dedicate at least two years -- the equivalent of 4,000 hours--to service to their communities, our country and the world. President Bush is recognizing men and women from around the country who are answering the call to service as part of his USA Freedom Corps initiative.

After hearing President Bush's call to service, Vasek contacted Chief Robert Pinnow, Jr. of the Chicago Heights Police Department to offer to coordinate recruiting and organizing of senior citizen volunteers for the department. In addition to those efforts, Vasek has been instrumental in helping the department start a medical identification bracelet program for senior citizens. The bracelets will allow police officers to immediately identify and assist senior citizens who may be ill or disoriented. Vasek also initiated a cellular phone donation and distribution program that will put cellular phones into the hands of the elderly, victims of domestic violence and others at risk of crime, allowing them to make emergency calls. Chief Pinnow will join Vasek in greeting the President tomorrow.

Vasek has also served her community by volunteering with church based programs in a local nursing home and a food and clothing distribution service.

President Bush created the USA Freedom Corps office at the White House to foster an American culture of service, citizenship and responsibility. Through the USA Freedom Corps, President Bush wants to help every American answer the call to service by strengthening and expanding service opportunities to protect our homeland, support our communities and extend American compassion around the world. Interested volunteers can find information on the USA Freedom Corps at or by calling 1-877-USA-Corps.


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