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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 14, 2002

Statement on Pan Am 103 Verdict
Statement by the Press Secretary
Pan Am 103 Verdict

The United States Government welcomes the decision of the Scottish High Court of Justiciary sitting in the Netherlands to uphold the conviction of Abdel Al-Megrahi.  We reiterate the need for the Government of Libya to move quickly to satisfy its remaining obligations under UN Security Council resolutions related to the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. The completion of the appeal does not end UN sanctions against Libya, but should spur Libya to take quick action to fully comply with the requirements of the UN Security Council.

We again express our deepest sympathy to the families of those lost in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.  As we have stated previously, nothing can undo the suffering this act of terrorism has caused.  However, we hope that all of those who lost loved-ones in this tragic attack will find some solace in the measure of justice achieved by today's decision.

This decision affirming the conviction of a Libyan agent for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 represents a vindication of efforts by successive U.S. administrations.  It also underlines the unshakable determination of the United States not to forget, but to hold terrorists accountable for their acts.

The President also renews his congratulations to the Scottish prosecution team and his thanks to the Dutch Government for its assistance and to the entire United States Government team who contributed to this outcome.

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