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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 5, 2002

President to Appoint Members to JFK Arts Center
President Bush to Appoint 36 Individuals to Serve as Members of the Advisory Committee on the Arts for the JFK Center for the Arts

President George W. Bush today announced his intention to appoint 36 individuals to serve as Members of the Advisory Committee on the Arts for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts.

Catherine Todd Bailey of Kentucky
Lawrence E. Bathgate, II of New Jersey
Ronald Aram Berberian of California
Catherine Caldwell Cabaniss of Alabama
Kevin Arlen Crass of Arkansas
Daniel Frank Cronin Crowley of Maryland
James Frederick Dicke II of Ohio
David Judson Fisher of Iowa
Timothy Fuller of Colorado
James Arthur Haslam II of Tennessee
Brenda LaGrange Johnson of New York
James Casey Kenny of Illinois
Nancy Goins Kinder of Texas
Patrick Alexander Lopez Negrete of Texas
Karin F. Luter of New York
Loretta Webb Lynn of Tennessee
P.E. MacAllister of Indiana
Augustus Chole Miller of Virginia
Carlos Dario Olamendi of California
Julie Jones Oles of Texas
Juan Alfonso Sabater of New York
Dwight Schar of Virginia
David Lee Sokol of Nebraska
Fred Douglas Thompson of Virginia
Vance Michael Thompson of South Dakota
David Richard Tyson of West Virginia
Llewellyn Orcutt Ward, III of Oklahoma
Cortright Wetherill, Jr. of Pennsylvania
Yvonne Renee Davis of Connecticut
Judith Ann Eisenberg of New Jersey
Joseph James O'Donnell of Massachusetts
Margaret Alexander Parker of the District of Columbia
John Whitney Payson of Florida
Clyde Armand Rodbell of Georgia
Connie Russell Schmett of Iowa
Barbara U. Stephenson of California


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