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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 13, 2002

Fact Sheet: Official Working Visit of President Musharraf of Pakistan
U.S. Programs to Assist the People of Pakistan

On the occasion of the visit of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, President Bush announced the programs which will benefit the people of Pakistan.

Debt Relief -- The President will work with Congress to provide Pakistan with roughly $1 billion in debt relief in FY-03.

Democracy Assistance -- Support for the October 2002 Legislative Elections in Pakistan. $2 million for technical support, including the training of election commissioners, domestic observers and political party monitors, and the provision of election commodities.

Strengthening Education -- $34 million educational support program in FY-02, the beginning of a multi-year $100 million program working with Pakistan to assist in education strengthening and reform. This initiative is supported by multiple United States Government agencies, including USAID and the Departments of State, Labor and Education. First year of the $28 million core program focuses on curriculum development, teacher training and information technology diffusion in Balochistan and Sindh provinces.

  • The Department of Labor will provide an additional $5 million in grants in FY-02 to combat child labor and provide vocational training for youth in Punjab province.

  • The Department of Education will make available $800,000 in grants to assist school districts in using technology to promote educational exchanges between schools in the United States and Pakistan, through the Friendship through Education project, whose private-sector members also will be investing their own $650,000 toward U.S.-Pakistan school connections.

    Expanded Defense Cooperation

    Law Enforcement Cooperation

    Science and Technology -- Initiate discussions for expanded cooperation in science and technology.

    Space Cooperation -- The two Presidents agreed to expand cooperation in scientific and civilian fields such as weather, migration, and communications.

    Market Access -- The two Presidents agreed that the United States would provide increased market access for approximately $142 million in Pakistani apparel exports.


    Regional Issues

    Consultations on the Future of Afghanistan -- President Bush and President Musharraf discussed Afghanistan.

    Consultations on Peace and Security in South Asia -- President Bush and President Musharraf also discussed the situation in South Asia and called for de-escalation of tension and a resumption of the Pakistan-India dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues, including Kashmir.

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