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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 10, 2001

Countries Across the World to Mark Sept 11 Attacks Tuesday
A Preview: the World Will Always Remember September 11


A Preview

'The World Will Always Remember September 11'


President Bush has asked countries across the world to hold remembrance events and to play their national anthems or appropriate music on December 11 (the three-month anniversary of the September 11 attacks) at the exact moment the first airplane struck the World Trade Center in New York (8:46 EST).  The President has also asked the United Nations and U.S. embassies, posts and agencies to hold events in countries around the world.  The President has also encouraged the U.S. Congress and citizens all across the world to join in this remembrance on December 11 by holding similar events in their communities.

The terrorists would like nothing more than to silence the world's vocal opposition to their frightening vision.  We will never forget the innocent victims and the brave heroes that died attempting to save them.  We will never forget the survivors, the children, the devastated families and the grieving friends they left behind.  And we will never forget the victims who came from more than 80 countries, and many races and religions.

When nations around the world join hands in unity on December 11, the light of freedom and opportunity will once again shine on the terrorists' dark and frightening vision of murder and fear.

Preview of Events Around the World

World nations, embassies, communities and individuals have responded overwhelmingly to the President's request.  While it is impossible to list every single event that will take place around the world, the following events are representative of remembrance events that will happen on December 11.

Examples of U.S. Events

The White House.  President George W. Bush will lead the worldwide initiative with the playing of the national anthem on December 11 at a White House event at 8:46 a.m. (EST).  This event will be web cast live on the White House web site.

The Pentagon.  The Pentagon will hold a remembrance ceremony at the exact moment of the Pentagon attack.

New York.  Event will take place at Ground Zero.  In Times Square, electronic billboards will flash patriotic messages.

Pennsylvania.  Event will take place at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

NASA.  NASA will hold a special event in space on the International Space Station.

Cabinet Events.  Several Cabinet department will host events.  For example, Education Secretary Rod Paige has encouraged schools all across America to hold events and will hold an event at Duke Ellington High School in Washington, DC.  The Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, Labor, Energy, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, OPIC, the Corporation for National and Community Service, FDIC, GSA, Peace Corps, and many others will hold events.  The State Department will hold an event and Secretary Colin Powell will attend an event in London with Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Congress.  The U.S. Congress will hold an event on the Capitol steps.

State Events.  Events will take place in states all across America.  For example, in Tennessee, the carillons at Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville will play a patriotic music medley for 30 minutes to remember the events of September 11.  In Wyoming, after the National Anthem the Governor will release "Balloons for Freedom" at their event.  In Illinois, the event will be held outside the State Capitol at the state firefighters and police memorials.  In South Carolina the Governor has asked all South Carolina schools to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the moment of the attacks.  In New Hampshire the Governor will lead a ceremony on the steps the State Capitol.

Other Groups.  Many groups across America are hosting events and celebrating in their own way.  For example, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity is leading a nationwide initiative to encourage events on college campuses, including a campus wide event at the University of Maryland  and an event at the University of New Mexico.  The American Legion will launch a special section on their web site for people who are not able to participate in a ceremony.

Examples of World Events

The world response to the President's call for remembrance events has been strong.  In fact, events will be held in more than 70 countries tomorrow.  Below are some examples of countries where events will take place.  Countries continue to contact us with their events so the below list is in no way comprehensive.

Country Events or Joint Host Country /US Embassy Events

Albania Austria European Union Finland Switzerland Canada Colombia Cyprus Czech Republic Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana Burkina Faso Denmark Djbouti Dominican Republic Estonia Georgia Germany Greece Holland Israel Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea Latvia Madagascar Malawi Malta Moldova Morocco New Zealand Nicaragua Pakistan Palau Paraguay Philippines Portugal Romania Serbia-Montenegro Slovenia South Africa Spain Switzerland Thailand Ukraine United Kingdom

Events at US Embassies

Barbados Burma Egypt Costa Rica Ecuador The Gambia Honduras Hong Kong Iceland India Indonesia Italy Kyrgyzstan Mozambique Poland Trinidad Russia Vietnam Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe


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