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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 20, 2001

Presidential Memo on RFK Justice Building
November 20, 2001


SUBJECT:            Naming of the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice


Today we mark the 76th anniversary of the birth of Robert F. Kennedy, who served this Nation with great distinction in the United States Navy, as a respected attorney, as a United States Senator, and as our 64th Attorney General.  As Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy successfully led the Department of Justice in important struggles that have come to symbolize the Department's capacity to do good.  Whether fighting against organized crime or for civil rights, Attorney General Kennedy brought out the best in the Department of Justice, working for a more just, free, and law-abiding society.  It is fitting that the Main Justice building in our Nation's capital should be dedicated to Robert F. Kennedy's memory, so that generations of Americans yet to come will remember his contributions to preserving justice.

I hereby direct you to designate the Federal Building located at 10th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W., in Washington, District of Columbia, as the "Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building," and such facility shall be thereafter known and referred to by that name.


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