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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 14, 2001

Remarks by President Bush
Upon Arrival of President Putin to the Bush Ranch
Bush Ranch
Crawford, Texas

Q    Are You Going to Tour Today? Are You Going to Take Him Around Today?

PRESIDENT BUSH:  Yes, we're going to take a tour.

Q    What are you going to do?

PRESIDENT BUSH:  Well, I want to show him some of my favorite spots on

the ranch.

Q    Which are?

PRESIDENT BUSH:  Most of it.  (Laughter.)

Q    -- it's raining.


Q    It's raining.

PRESIDENT BUSH:  The President brought rain, for which we're always

grateful in the state of Texas.

Q    Is it great to be back at the ranch?

PRESIDENT BUSH:  I'm thrilled to be here.  There is no better gift

than rain.


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