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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 13, 2001

President Calls for Action on Economic Stimulus and Aviation Security
The South Lawn

3:05 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Laura and I are looking forward to our meeting with the Putins in Crawford -- spend a couple of days down in Texas, working on international affairs.

And I hope the Congress works hard on two issues.  First, they must work day and night to get an airline security bill to my desk.  We're making good progress, and the members of Congress must continue to work hard to get a bill.  And secondly, I've laid out some ideas on an economic stimulus package, one that encourages consumer spending.  Part of it is to encourage business investment, and part of it is to take care of workers who have been affected by the September 11th tragedy.

I hope the Senate will be able to move a bill quickly and to get it into conference and work out the differences.  I look forward to signing legislation on both airline security and economic stimulus.  My administration is willing to work with the parties to forge the compromise necessary to get a piece of legislation.  The American people expect progress.  And I do, too.

And so I hope we can get something done.  In the meantime, we're making great strides for making the world more peaceful, as we work closely with Russia for security for all the people of the world, as well as our own nation.

We'll see you down there.

END               3:07 P.M. EST

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