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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 11, 2001

President Commends Senate for Legislative Action
Statement by the Press Secretary

Increasing the safety of American air travel is one of our Nation's top priorities.  The President commends the Senate for taking action on legislation to impose tough federal oversight of airline security, to provide a strong and robust Air Marshal force, and to otherwise enhance the security of airplanes.  However, the President has serious concerns that full federalization of the screener workforce will cause significant difficulties, including transition and implementation problems in the short term and limitation of our ability to ensure that we have the most qualified screeners at all locations at all times in the long term.  

The President is eager to sign aviation security measures into law and encourages the Senate and House to work together to get a bill to his desk soon.  Aviation safety and security are important steps in helping us defeat terrorism by allowing the American people to travel without fear.

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