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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 2, 2001

Opening Reagan National Airport Fact Sheet
Opening Ronald Reagan National Airport

Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) will reopen on Thursday, October 4th for commercial operations. On Thursday shuttle service to New York and Boston will resume, and flights to the other six cities will begin as soon as the new security measures are in place -- which could be as early as Thursday. Resumption of flights at DCA will take place in phases over an initial two-month period and extraordinary security measures will be in place for all approved flights. The President has identified the initial two phases that will lead to a resumption of normal commercial operations, with details of subsequent stages to be announced after review of initial flight operations.

Phase I. Initial Shuttle and Hub Connections (Duration: approximately 3 weeks)

Phase I will allow approximately 190 flights-per-day (24 percent of the 792 scheduled commercial flights prior to 9/11).

Phase II. Expanded Hub Connection (Duration: 30-45 days following Phase I)

If preexisting schedules were resumed, Phase II would allow approximately 450 flights-per-day (57 percent of the 792 scheduled commercial flights prior to 9/11).

Enhanced Security Measures

Security will be strengthened in numerous ways by the FAA, the Department of Defense, the Secret Service, other law enforcement agencies, the airport authorities and airlines. Many of the security measures will be visible and many will not. Examples of new security measures include:

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