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Current military operations are focused on achieving several outcomes:
Making it clear that harboring terrorists carries an unacceptable price;
Providing humanitarian relief to the oppressed;
Developing relationships with opposition groups within Afghanistan;
Altering the military balance by denying the Taliban its offensive systems.

There is no silver bullet, no single event or action that is going to suddenly make the threat of terrorism disappear.
This broad-based and sustained effort - diplomatic, financial, intelligence and military, both overt and covert -- will continue until terrorism is rooted out.
The situation is similar to the Cold War, when continuous pressure from many nations caused communism to collapse from within.
We will press the fight as long as it takes. We will prevail.

The world stands united in this effort.
This is not about any religion, country, or race.
Our coalition partners represent nations and peoples of all cultures, religions and ethnic groups.
Dozens of countries contributed to this operation in significant ways.
We support the Afghan people against al Qaeda, which is a foreign presence on their land.

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