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The Germans have conducted an intensive investigation in connection with the associates of the hijackers who perpetrated their terrorist acts on September 11. The German government has dedicated hundreds of investigators and executed dozens of searches to hunt down the terrorists. It is clear that Hamburg, Germany served as a central base of operations for these individuals and their planning of the September 11 attacks. In addtion, 12 FBI agents are assigned to various locations in Germany on a temporary duty status.

The Germans have issued arrest warrants for several individuals associated with the terrorists in Germany. Said Bahaji, Ramzi Binalshibh and Zakariya Essabar are all wanted for membership in a terrorist organization that has existed since at least 1999 in both Germany and the United States. Bahaji, Binalshibh and Essabar are sought for planning and carrying out the attacks of September the 11th, 2001.

More than 750 terror suspects and material witnesses have been questioned and detained in the U.S.

The Department of Justice will prosecute and punish with the full force of the law those who issue false anthrax threats or any other form of terrorist threat.

Center for Disease Control staff are testing, analyzing and comparing powders from anthrax cases in New York, Washington, DC and Florida.

As of October 9, there have been 257 arrests of those who are suspected members of the al Qaeda organization in at least 40 countries.

FBI has more than 4,000 agents and 3,000 support staff working to bring those responsible for the September 11 attacks to justice.

U.S. Customs Service has more than 1,000 agents and intelligence analysts tracking leads and suspects. U.S. Customs Service also has placed America's 301 ports of entry on high alert and has assigned additional inspectors to our borders.

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The Investigation
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President Unveils "Most Wanted" Terrorists

Interrogated over 600 people that may have been involved with the attacks.

More than 100 countries have offered increased intelligence support.

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