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Since September 11, the United States has frozen nearly $4 million in assets belonging to the Taliban, Usama bin Laden and the al Qaeda network, and several million in additional assets are under review.

102 countries have committed to joining the effort to disrupt terrorist assets and 62 countries already have put blocking orders in force. Nations around the world have frozen more than $24 million is assets since September 11.

Treasury hosted a special meeting of the G7 Finance Ministers on October 6, 2001. The seven nations pledged cooperation and announced a joint action plan under which:
At the request of the G-7, the Financial Action Task Force (a group of 29 countries) will hold an extraordinary plenary meeting in Washington D.C. The G-7 called on the FATF to focus on specific measures to combat terrorist financing, including:

The US Government has communicated with every country about participation in a global coalition to disrupt terrorist financing. Top Treasury officials have spoken directly with 29 Finance Ministers to discuss specific actions. All have been cooperative.

Treasury officials attended the Caricom (a group of Caribbean nations) meeting to discuss ongoing cooperation in disrupting the financial infrastructure of terrorism.

Specific examples of action since September 11 include:
The Dutch have blocked two accounts worth $550,000 of assets associated with bin Laden and the al Qaeda organization.

The Bahamas blocked accounts connected to the recent terrorist attacks.

The US Government will provide technical assistance to cooperating governments in the full range of efforts to combat terrorists' financial activities.

US Financial institutions have responded to Treasury requests and volunteered information to identify patterns of terrorist financing.

Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has set up an 800 number so that financial institutions professionals can call when they see a particularly suspicious transaction. The 800 number receives an average of 15 calls per day.

Froze approximately $40 million linked to terrorists.

Adoption of Terrorist Financing Executive Order.

Froze approximately 30 al-Qaida accounts in the U.S. and almost 20 overseas.

Put 27 names on the Terrorist Financing list.

Reviewing additional persons and entities for possible inclusion on the Terrorist Financing list.

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