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America Responds to Terrorism

Russia offered to share information and the use of their airspace for humanitarian flights.
China offered to share information.
India offered to share information and pledged support of U.S. actions.
Japan offered diplomatic and military (logistical) support, and assistance to Pakistan.
Australia offered combat military forces and invoked Article IV of the ANZUS Treaty, declaring September 11 an attack on Australia.
South Korea offered military medical and air and naval logistics support.
UAE and Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic relations with the Taliban.
Pakistan agreed to cooperate fully with the request for assistance and support.
Secured overflight and landing rights from 27 countries.
Obtained 46 multilateral declarations of support.
19 nations of NATO invoked Article V declaring an attack on one as an attack on all.
The United Nations Security Council unanimously enacted a binding resolution requiring all member states to pursue terrorists and those who support them, including financial support systems.

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Federal Recovery and Response Actions
Diplomatic Actions
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