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For Immediate Release
Office of Management and Budget
September 21, 2001

President Bush Releases $5.1 Billion in Emergency Funds
OMB Provides Details on Fund Allocation

Washington DC, September 21, 2001 - President George W. Bush today released $5.1 billion in emergency spending to assist in the humanitarian, recovery, and national security needs related to the attack on America. This is the first installment from the $40 billion in emergency funds enacted this week. Additional installments will be released in the coming weeks. The Office of Management and Budget released details of how this first release of emergency funds will be allocated.

The funding would assist victims of the attacks and address other consequences of the attacks, including funding for: debris removal, search and rescue efforts, and victim assistance efforts of FEMA; emergency grants to disaster-affected metropolitan area health providers; investigative expenses of the FBI; increased airport security and sky marshals; initial repair of the Pentagon; evacuation of high threat embassies abroad; additional funding for the Small Business Administration disaster loan program; and initial crisis and recovery operations of the Department of Defense and other national security operations.

OMB will continue to work with the agencies to determine additional needs. No further congressional action is required for this release of funds.

Allocation of Emergency Funding by Agency