The White House
President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 10, 2001

Remarks by the President Upon Return From Washington Navy Yard
West Wing Lobby Entrance

                             Washington, D.C. 10:10 A.M. EDT

     Q    Mr. President, can you tell us your thoughts, sir, on more tax cuts?

     THE PRESIDENT:  I'm honored the Prime Minister is here.  He's a great friend.  Australia's a great friend, and we're so honored he's here.  I'm sure we'll have a good, constructive visit.  And we've had a great start.

     Q    Mr. President, what's your message on education today?  Do you have anything to say about education today, Mr. President?

     THE PRESIDENT:  In Florida.

                             END               10:11 A.M. EDT

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