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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 6, 2001

Danforth to Lead Search for Peace as Special Envoy
Statement by the Press Secretary
Senator John Danforth as Envoy for Peace in Sudan

President Bush today announced the appointment of John C. Danforth as his Special Envoy to lead the search for peace in Sudan. The Administration is focusing on ways to end the civil war, which has brought death, dislocation, and misery to its civilian victims for almost two decades. The Envoy will work closely with the Department of State and will report directly to the President.

Broad experience, bipartisan stature, and the esteem of his colleagues in his many fields of endeavor qualify John Danforth to assume this important role. He is a graduate of Princeton University, Yale University Law School, and Yale University School of Divinity. He is an ordained Episcopal clergyman as well as a practicing attorney, and served for 7 years as the Attorney General for the State of Missouri. He served for 18 years as a U.S. Senator from Missouri before resuming the practice of law in 1995.

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