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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 5, 2001

Fact Sheet on Migration

"Migration is one of the major ties that bind our societies. It is important that our policies reflect our values and needs, and that we achieve progress in dealing with this phenomenon. We agree there should be an orderly framework for migration which ensures humane treatment, legal security, and dignified labor conditions."

President George W. Bush
February 16, 2001

Guiding Principles in U.S. Discussions with Mexico

-- Humane Approach: We want to ensure that migration to the United States is safe, legal, orderly, and dignified. The system should be humane, family-friendly, and respect the enormously valuable role immigrants continue to play in building our nation.

-- Protection of American Workers: The immigration system must not disadvantage American workers. We want to ensure an adequate labor supply for U.S. employers when American workers are not available.

-- Fairness: The immigration system must be fair. Our most important obligation is to those who follow the rules and abide by the law. The only path is the legal path.

-- Joint Commitment: The United States and Mexico must work together in an authentic partnership to keep our borders orderly and safe, and ensure the integrity and success of any new policies.

-- Temporary Worker Program: We are working with Mexico on options for a new program for temporary workers -one that is grounded in reality and the needs of our economy, and that doesn’t hurt U.S. workers. The program would rest on a carefully worked out partnership between the sending and receiving countries that recognizes the contributions undocumented Mexicans are making in the United States and that brings together willing workers and willing employers. This is an issue that will require close consultations with the U.S. Congress and U.S. civil society.

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