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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 20, 2001

President to Declare "Freedom at War with Fear"
Statement by the Press Secretary

President Bush will address a joint session of Congress and the American people tonight, saying:  "We are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom."

His speech addresses many questions Americans are asking, including who attacked our country, why they hate us, and how we will fight and win the war on terrorism.

"We will direct every resource at our command -- every means of diplomacy, every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every financial influence and every necessary weapon of war -- to the disruption and defeat of the global terror network," he will pledge.

President Bush will make clear that our fight is with terrorist extremists, not with those in America and throughout the world who practice the Muslim faith, a faith whose teachings are "good and peaceful."  "The enemy of American is not our many Muslim friends; it is not our many Arab friends.  Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them."

President Bush will call on our military to "be ready," the American people to be "calm and resolute," and governments around the world to choose:  "either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

The President will discuss strengthening domestic preparedness and homeland security.  He will thank members of Congress for "what you have already done, and for what we will do together."  He will ask Congress to work with him to improve air safety, give law enforcement additional tools and strengthen America's economy.

The President will thank the world for its sympathy and support, and ask for the help of "police forces, intelligence services and banking systems around the world."

"Freedom and fear are at war," the President will declare.  He will conclude with his confidence that so long as America is determined and strong, this will not be an age of terror, but an age of liberty.

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