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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 24, 2001

Press Gaggle
Claire Buchan
Crawford Elementary School
Crawford, Texas

5:20 P.M. CDT

     MS. BUCHAN:  Okay, for those of you in the pool tomorrow, the President has invited you to the ranch to watch him work.  You'll be gathering here at approximately 10:30 a.m., be on the ranch about 11:30 a.m., where the President will already be working, and expect to be there about 20 to 30 minutes.

     Q    --

     MS. BUCHAN:  Every day, the President has a project where he works on the ranch, clearing cedar, building trails, building bridges.

     Q    Will this be minimum wage or --

     MS. BUCHAN:  I'm not sure that you should expect that you'll have to work.

     Q    --

     MS. BUCHAN:  The President will be working.

     Q    --

     MS. BUCHAN:  On Sunday -- pardon me?

     On Sunday, we'll depart early en route Pittsburgh, where the President will participate in a tour of Urban Works Steel Plant.  He will then participate in a picnic with steel workers, where he will be emphasizing the values of hard work and ingenuity.  He will then travel with the pool to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to attend the Little League World Series, where he will be inducted into the Little League Hall of Fame.  He will make some brief remarks and also throw out the first pitch.  And we will be returning that evening to the ranch, late Sunday evening.

     At this point, we have no scheduled events for Monday or Tuesday.  On Wednesday, he'll depart the ranch approximately 8:30 a.m. to travel to San Antonio, where he will make remarks at the American Legion 83rd Annual Convention.  His remarks will be on his fall agenda and the importance of working with Congress to pass his education initiative, the faith-based initiative, as well as appropriation bills that reflect America's priorities and reasonable growth in spending, patient protections, trade promotion authority and other priorities.

     He will also attend the dedication, in San Antonio, of the San Jose Grist Mill, which is a Catholic mission.

     Q    Grist, g-r-i-s-t?

     MS. BUCHAN:  Yes.

     Returning to the ranch in the mid-afternoon in the neighborhood of 2:00 p.m.

     On Thursday, he will be returning to Washington, probably leaving in the late morning.  We'll keep you posted, probably in the neighborhood probably of 11:00 a.m.

     On Friday, he will be working in the White House, having meetings with staff on his domestic agenda, economic agenda, as well as his regular national security and intelligence briefings.

     The weekend, I don't have any details for you yet as to whether he plans to remain in Washington or travel to Camp David.  We'll keep you posted on that.

     And on Labor Day, September 3rd, he will travel to Detroit, Michigan, and Green Bay, Wisconsin, to celebrate the values of hard work and responsibility with working Americans.

     Q    One day --

     MS. BUCHAN:  It's a day trip, yes.

     Anything else?

     Q    Celebrate the values of what?

     MS. BUCHAN:  Hard work, responsibility.

     Q    Will he also be meeting with labor unions?

     MS. BUCHAN:  We'll keep you posted on that, on the specifics of the events.

     Q    It is Labor Day, so can we assume that he is going to be meeting with labor union workers?

     MS. BUCHAN:  That's possible, yes.

     Q    And absolutely no event Thursday on the way home?

     MS. BUCHAN:  If anything changes, we'll let you know.  At this point, there's nothing scheduled.

     Okay.  Thank you.

     THE PRESS:  Thank you.


                                     5:24 P.M. CDT

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