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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 16, 2001

Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act
Statement by the President
The Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act
Title III

Today, I transmitted to Congress my decision to exercise the authority granted to me under the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act to suspend for six months, from August 1 through January 31, the right to bring actions under Title III of that Act. In exercising this authority, I do so taking into account that it is necessary for the national interest of the United States and will expedite the transition to democracy in Cuba.

Real differences remain between the United States and our allies concerning the best methods for pursuing change in Cuba. However, for its part, the European Union has again renewed its Common Position on Cuba and has reaffirmed its goal of promoting a peaceful transition to democracy in Cuba. Our actions will encourage support for the embargo and further strengthen, not weaken, the growing multilateral, multi-faceted movement to promote democracy and human rights in Cuba.

My Administration is firmly committed to a proactive Cuba policy that will assist the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom. On Friday, I reaffirmed my commitment to maintain existing sanctions against the Cuban regime and to strengthening pro-democracy movements in Cuba. I call upon the European Union and the international community to work together with us toward the fundamental goals that should unite us: free speech, free elections, and respect for basic human rights in Cuba.

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