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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 3, 2001

Remarks by the President
In Visit to White House Staffer
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Fairfax, Virginia
the President
You Know, When They Come It Reminds US of The
Responsibilities That We Have in Life. and Vivienne Is Lucky to Have A
Mother and Dad Who Will Love Her All the Time. and She Doesn't Know It,

yet, but she's learning pretty quickly.  She's less than 24 hours old.

     We also have a responsibility to make sure education systems provide excellence for every child.  We have a responsibility -- and Congress needs to bring me a bill that will help the patients who come to these hospitals maintain a reasonable insurance, and a bill that doesn't help lawyers.

     We have a responsibility to encourage love all throughout our communities.  That's why the faith-based initiative is so important.  A lot of babies are born sometimes where the -- some babies are born where people just don't love them like they should.  And as a society, we've got to make up for that love.

     Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with service organizations all across -- representing people from all across the country, committed to finding a million mentors to love children.

     The good news for this little baby is she's got a mom and dad who know their responsibilities.  It's a great 4th of July gift.  Congratulations.


     Q    Mr. President, do you know when you'll actually make a decision on stem cell research funding?

     THE PRESIDENT:  In a while.


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