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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 15, 2001

Fact Sheet
Poland: Second Frigate

During his visit to Poland, the President announced his support for the transfer of a second Perry-class frigate to the Government of Poland.  He plans to work with Congress to secure legislation authorizing the transfer, which will further enhance the interoperable capabilities of the Polish Navy.  The announcement underscores the commitment of the United States to work together with the government of Poland to reform and modernize Poland's armed forces.

The second frigate would be good complement to the ORP Pulaski, the former USS Clark, which was commissioned into the Polish Navy last June.

To enhance their seagoing capability of the Polish Navy, the Government of Poland had requested a second frigate.  The U.S. Navy has identified a vessel that will be available as early as October 2002.

The Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missile Frigates is a multi-purpose platform primarily used by the United States Navy for anti-submarine warfare operations and protection of the carrier battle group.  It also has the capability to hold 2 SH-60 helicopters, enabling search and rescue operations and passenger transport.

The Arms Export and Control Act authorizes the President to sell defense articles under the Foreign Military Sales program if the articles are declared to be in excess of requirements.  This program is known as the Excess Defense Articles program, or EDA.  Additionally the Foreign Assistance Act authorizes the President to transfer EDA on a grant basis to eligible countries for which receipt of such articles is justified in the annual Congressional Presentation for Foreign Operations.


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