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President's Faith-Based & Community Initiative Wins Key Endorsement

Presidential Action:

Today the President will travel to Detroit, Michigan to accept a key endorsement from the U.S. Conference of Mayors for his faith-based and community initiative.

150 Mayors are highlighting their commitment to establishing faith-based and community partnerships to work more effectively with charitable organizations in delivering effective, results-oriented social services to needy Americans.

Key Organizations Support Faith-Based and Community Initiatives:

Today's endorsement by the U.S. Conference of Mayors is just the latest in a steady stream of respected national charities, ministries and philanthropic organizations that have announced their support for key provisions of the President's faith- and community-based initiative, including:

Key Elements of the President's Effort to Rally America's Armies of Compassion and H.R. 7:

Stimulate an outpouring of private giving to nonprofits, faith-based programs, and community groups by expanding tax deductions and other initiatives:

Eliminate federal barriers to effective faith-based and community-serving programs through legislative, regulatory, and programmatic reforms:

Empowering low-income families to save and build assets through Individual Development Accounts

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