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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 25, 2001

Biographical Information on Judicial Appointees Charles W. Pickering, Sr. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Birth:			May 29, 1937			Jones County, Mississippi

Legal Residence:		Mississippi

Marital Status:		Married				Margaret Ann Thomas
							Four Children

Education:		1955-1957			Jones County Junior College
							A.A. degree

1957-1961	University of Mississippi
B.A. degree, 1959
LL.B. degree, 1961

Bar:			1961				Mississippi

Experience:		1961				Sole practitioner

1961-1971	Gartin, Hester and Pickering 

1969	City of Laurel
Municipal Court
Municipal Judge

1971-1972	Law Offices of Charles W. Pickering

1973-1980	Pickering & McKenzie

1981-1990	Pickering & Williamson

			1990-Present			United States District Judge
							Southern District of Mississippi


Dick Bennett								Brooke Ferris
President of the Mississippi Bar Association					Attorney
601/944/0466								601/649-5399

Frank Montague								Robert Sullivan
Fmr. President of the Mississippi Bar Association				Attorney
601/544-1234								601/428-1505

Deborah Gambrell							Tom Royals
Attorney									Attorney
601/583-9401								601/948-7777

Carroll Rhodes 								John Colette
Attorney									Attorney
601/894-4323								601/355-6277

Mike McMahan

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Birth:			November 2, 1956		Denver, Colorado

Legal Residence:		Colorado

Marital Status:		Married				Suzanne Lyon
							2 Children

Education:		1975-1979			Colorado College
							B.A. degree

1979-1982	University of Colorado School of Law
J.D. degree

Bar:			1981				Colorado

Experience:		1982-1983			Colorado Supreme Court
							Law Clerk to Chief Justice Wm. Erickson
1983-1989	Davis Graham & Stubbs

1990-1991	Bradley Campbell Carney & Madsen
Of Counsel

1991-1996	Office of the Colorado Attorney General
Solicitor General

			1996-Present			Hale Hackstaff Tymkovich & ErkenBrack


The Honorable William H. Erickson			The Honorable Gail A. Norton
Fmr. Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice			Secretary of the Interior
303/789-0333						202/208-7351

The Honorable Ken Salazar				The Honorable Bill Owens
Attorney General for the State of Colorado			Governor of the State of Colorado
303/866-3052						303/866-2471

The Honorable Jean Dubofsky				Raymond Slaughter
Fmr. Colorado Supreme Court Justice			Director of the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice
303/447-3510						303/239-4442

Allan L. Hale						Richard Westfall
Attorney							Attorney
303/592-8700						303/592-8700

Lynn Ross
Executive Director of the National Association of Attorneys General

Rebecca Koppes-Conway
Past-President of the Colorado Bar Association

Tom Gede						
Director of the Conference of Western Attorneys General

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