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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 22, 2001

Lavenski R. Smith
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth District

Birth: October 31, 1958 Hope, Arkansas
Legal Residence: Arkansas
Marital Status: Trendle Joyce Smith 2 children
Education: 1977-1981 University of Arkansas B.A.
  1984-1987 University of Arkansas Law School J.D. Degree
Bar: 1987 Arkansas
Experience: 1985-1987 Hall, Wright and Morris Law Firm Law Clerk
1987-1991 Ozark Legal Services Staff Attorney
1991-1994 Smith Law Office Sole Proprietor
1994-1996 John Brown University Assistant Professor
1996-1997 Arkansas Governor's Office Regulatory Liaison
1997-1999 Arkansas Public Service Commission Chairman
1999-2000 Arkansas Supreme Court Associate Justice
2001-present Arkansas Public Service Commission Commissioner
Mike Huckabee Dale Charles
Governor of Arkansas President, Arkansas Chapter, NAACP
501/682-2345 or 501/682-3607 501/376-7399
W.H. "Dub" Arnold Chief Justice, Arkansas Supreme Court 501/682-6861

Sharon Prost
Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Birth: May 24, 1951 Newburyport, Massachusetts
Legal Residence: Washington, D.C.
Marital Status: Divorced 2 children
Education: 1969-1973 Cornell University B.S. degree
  1973-1975 George Washington University M.B.A. degree
  1976-1979 American University College of Law J.D. Degree
  1982-1984 George Washington University Law School L.L.M. degree
Bar: 1980 District of Columbia
Experience: 1973-1976 United States Civil Service Commission Labor Relations Specialist
1976-1980 General Accounting Office Specialist/Auditor
1980-1983 Federal Labor Relations Authority Field Attorney
1983-1984 Department of Treasury Attorney
1984-1989 National Labor Relations Board Assistant, Associate and Acting Solicitor
1989-1993 United States Senate Chief Labor Counsel
1993-Present United States Senate, Committee on the Judiciary
Minority Chief Counsel
Deputy Chief Counsel
Chief Counsel
Alan Hoffman Jeff Blatner
Chief of Staff to Senator Joe Biden Former Chief Counsel to Senator Edward Kennedy
Karen Robb Former Chief of Staff to Senator John Edwards Former Deputy
Assistant to President Clinton for Legislative Affairs

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